award silver

            Parent's Choice 
     Silver Award Winner

Share a bedtime snack with Captain Jack the Pie-Rat, sing along with the monster
       under the bed, or dance in your PJ's to the Slipper Slide
       Waltz. Now you can beat the bedtime blues with
       "Pajama Jammin'," ten fun songs that'll make you
       smile in your sleep.  Includes: Campers In the Backyard;
       Creeping Heebie Jeebies; Captain Jack the Pie-Rat;
       Slipper Slide Waltz; Pajama Jammin'; Bed Bug Bounce;
      Good Night Sounds; In My PJ's, Dr. Boo's™ Bedtime 
      Goodnight, Goodnight
                                                                                                      $10.00  Pajama Jammin' CD / Item No. FAT2

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